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上课时间:  周三上午9:30-11:00  42式太极剑 NEW

                  周六上午9:30-11:00  陈氏太极拳 NEW

                  周日上午9:00-10:30  陈氏太极拳 NEW

太极拳是一种内外兼修, 动作轻盈柔缓, 快慢相间,刚柔并济的内家拳。外练全身骨骼、关节、肌肉群,内练意、气、神,从而有效调节人体呼吸循环系统,促进新陈代谢,增强免疫力,使人体运动机能得到全面改善

Anyone interested is encouraged to observe a Tai Chi class. Please contact us at 626-315-5058. We will be pleased to answer your questions and tell you more about our Tai Chi program.

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This channel is coming soon!
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