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国际武术比赛冠军,太极拳冠军, 国家级运动员,全美武术比赛裁判,中国武术协会会员。



曾出访过日本、波兰、德国等多个国家进行武术指导交流, 曾受邀担任波兰国家武术队主教练,授课经验丰富。并有近10年专业武术裁判经验,受邀在美国多个国际武术大赛上担任总裁判长的工作 。



Xining He

Head Instructor

Coach Xining He (Nancy He) is one of the head coach in Advance Martial Art Academy. She had trained in Chinese Martial Arts from the age of 6. With the long-time training programs, she has become one of the leading female

Chinese Wushu athlete in the areas of empty-hand forms, broad sword, straight sword, spear, staff, fighting-set forms, traditional forms, Shaolin, Taichi, and women self-defense. She has also been winning numerous titles in World Championships and China National Wushu Championships.


Xining He is currently a member of the China Wushu Association and a certified American Wushu Jude in the United States. She received three gold medals in Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in 2012. With her well-known reputation,
she was invited to be a head judge at International Los Angeles Martial Arts Tournament in the same year. She has taught and performed demonstrations in Japan, Poland, German, and the United
States with her great experience. Xining He is committed to provide with the best Wushu programs possible to Advance Martial Arts Academy.

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