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What is Taichi ?


Tai Chi (sometimes called Taiji) is an internal Chinese martial arts that

has been practiced as a self-defense and life preservation system for



Tai Chi is practiced normally slowly because there is so much involved
in each movement. Form, breath, and intention are only the basic
principles to focus on. There are many nuances to each move, and can
only be revealed by understanding and practicing the form. Tai Chi is an
old system of exercise known worldwide for its health benefits. Its slow
and graceful movements teach the student to relax the body, as well as
the mind, which is most important for both health martial purposes.
Tai Chi is effective in reducing stress and relieving chronic pain.
About our Taichi Class

Our Tai Chi Class retains not only the original characteristics of the

original Tai Chi, but also its wealth of self-defense wisdom. Daily practice

of Tai Chi promotes blood circulation, distributes “Chi” or energy flow throughout the body, as well as the mind, strengthens the functions of the internal organs, helps regulate blood pressure, tones the muscles, makes joints lose, benefits the lungs and the heart an quiets the nervous system. Other health benefits include concentration, rhythmic breathing, coordination, and balance.


Advance Martial Arts (AMA) offers Tai Chi group lessons five times a week, with private instruction also available. Classes are open to adult students who are interested in mind/body conditioning, and who wish to cultivate Qi (Chi), a subtle energy.



(Chan Si Jing纏絲勁), or "cocoon-spinning force," which originates from the dan tian(丹田), the power center in the body (three fingers below the navel), and moves outward with great force to the external "striking" parts of the body.


As part of their training, students also learn the Qigong by practicing  Eight Sections of Brocade (八段錦) and 5 Internal Energy Training Methods(五行氣). In this manner, Tai Chi practitioners learn to:

*Internal energy cleanser

*Silk winding power

*Breathing techniques

*Dan Tian energy rotation

*Standing meditation

This specialized training enhances the knowledge and enjoyment of Tai Chi and highlights the unique position that Tai Chi enjoys among all martial arts.


Anyone interested is encouraged to observe a Tai Chi class. Please contact us at 626-315-5058. We will be pleased to answer your questions and tell you more about AMA's Tai Chi program.

At AMA, students learn several forms of Tai Chi Chuan, a "form" being a series of interconnected martial arts movements. The foot and hand motions that comprise a form are practiced slowly to build up strength and flexibility; in using all portions of the body, the forms also exercise and calm the mind. While the motions proceed with slow and deliberate control while training, they can be executed with great speed and force for a formidable offense against attack.


All beginner students begin by learning the Simplified 24 Movement Tai Chi Chuan form, designed in China by a government-organized council of Tai Chi Chuan masters. This form incorporates all major movements found in the longer Yang style Tai Chi Chuan form, and enjoys tremendous popularity due to the relative speed with which it can be learned and executed, requiring just minutes each day to complete as a total exercise.


As students advance through the AMA curriculum, they learn the 32 straight powerful and intricate martial arts and health movements derived from multiple styles of Tai Chi, 42 Movement Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sword form, Tai Chi Fan as well, which incorporates more


Finally, one may study the original Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Style Tai Chi Sword and San Feng sword. This very powerful style mixes slow and fast movements while employing "spiraling energy" 















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